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වහල මත සවිකරන සූර්ය පැනල මඟින් ජනනය කරන විදුලිය ඒකක ගණන, පරිභෝජනය කරන විදුලි ඒකක ගණනට වඩා අඩුනම් එම වෙනසට පමණක් මණ්ඩලයට මුදල් ගෙවීම. ජනනය කරන ඒකක ප්‍රමාණයේ අතිරික්තයක් ඇත්නම් වසර 10ක් දක්වා හිඟ අවස්ථාවන්වලදී හිලව් කිරීමට එම ශේෂය ඉදිරියට පවත්වාගෙන යාමට හැකි වීම.

ශුද්ධ ගිණුම්කරණ ක්‍රමය
Net Accounting
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වහල මත සවිකරන සූර්ය පැනල මගින් ජනනය කරන විදුලි ඒකක ගණන නිවාස හිමියා විසින් පවිච්චි කරන ලද විදුලි ඒකක ගණනට වඩා වැඩි නම් අතිරේක ඒකක ප්‍රමාණය සඳහා විදුලිබල මණ්ඩලය මගින් ඉහත වගුවේ සඳහන් පරිදි නිවාස හිමියාට මුදල් ගෙවීම කරයි.

නෙට් ප්ලස් ක්‍රමය
Net Plus
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වහල මත සවිකරණ සූර්ය පැනල මගින් නිෂ්පාදනය කරන සම්පූර්ණ විදුලි ඒකක ගණන විදුලිබල මණ්ඩලය විසින් ඉහත වගුවේ සඳහන් මිල ගණන් පරිදි නිවාස හිමියාගෙන් මිලදී ගෙන ගෙවීම් සිදු කරනු ලබයි.
නිවසේ බිල්පත දැනට ගෙවන පරිදිම ගණනය කර ගෙහිමියා විසින් මණ්ඩලයට ගෙවීම් සිදුකළ යුතුය.

Genso Power Technologies- Energizing Sri Lanka through Solar Power

When considering solar power in Sri Lanka, Genso Power is the leading solar energy provider among solar companies in Sri Lanka. Genso Power Technologies (Genso Solar) ,is a Truly Sri Lankan company inspired by being in the business of "Improving Quality of Living through Innovative Technology" and with an inspiring mission, " To be in the forefront of technological advancements in the Solar energy industry, to deliver customer value by providing optimal solar power solutions and excel in service standards with trust.
This commitment gives purpose to our operations, enabling us to offer products of value to thousands of Residences, cooperates and Government clients all around Sri Lanka, in the most affordable manner.

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Never Cut Off Your Comforts for a Little Less Energy Bill..

Energy Freedom helps to enjoy many of our life comforts in day-today living. Solar power generation has become the most trusted and widely used investment method, which keeps you away from high energy bills for many decades to come. Making the electricity bill almost to a Zero is now Simple, Profitable and Reliable than never before with Genso Solar

We Genso Solar is the committed Solar Netmetering Provider to Sri Lanka. We are Special in Several ways in our Services towards you,

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Genso Mega Scale Projects...

Pioneer in providing industrial solar solutions in Sri lanka...

No wonder business owners trust Genso Solar Netmetering..

Many belived, green energy is not worthwhile investment to be applied for businesses in large capacities, other than on CSR grounds.

Genso change this attitude on Solar Energy by delivering projects with earliest recovery periods (Less than 5 years), with the support of actual running evidences

Genso never compromise industry standards for short term benifits or for to be competitive against... Trina Solar is the World #01 ranked Solar module manufacture Trina Solar is the largest Solar Module manufacture for the world, maintains its status since year 2014, upto now.Genso has buildup firm relationship with trina mother company, to deliver the highest available support to our customers. Learn more

With the origin from German soils, SMA boasts to be the best inverter partner for almost 70% of solar projects around the globe. We genso is careful enough to be with german technology and standards to gain highest reliability in our installation..
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Genso Solar - Projects Making Sri Lanka Green & Sustainable...

850 Happy clients
860 Completed Projects

18 Ongoing Projects
Genso - Developing on A Solid Background
  • Capacity Development
  • Community Awareness
  • Technology Transferring & Sharing
  • Building Relationships
  • R & D, Technology Surveying
  • Teamwork Work
  • CSR + Environmental Commitment.

Genso global contribution

CO2 Emission Saved

92, 218 kg Read More

Bulbs Powered

993,926 Read More

Trees Planted

415 Read More

Meet Our Team of Genso Solar Power Technologies

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.

Mr. Sarath Ranjith Silva Managing Director
Mr. Sarath Ranjith Silva Managing Director (Bsc[Hons.]. MIMM.UK) Former General Manager at Lanka Ceramics & Present C.E.O. of G.S.M.B. Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd. Full Profile
Dr. Awantha Atapattu Founder - CEO
Dr. Awantha Atapattu Founder - CEO Genso Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. Full Profile
Harsha Rajapaksha Director Purchasing & Logistics
Harsha Rajapaksha Director Purchasing & Logistics (B.Sc.phy.,M.Sc.E’tronics) Genso Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Full Profile
Uditha Indeewara Cheif Electrical Engineer
Uditha Indeewara Cheif Electrical Engineer Genso Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Full Profile